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“Implement a strengths-
based and family-focused technology and education program that values neurodiversity and provides youth with learning opportunities to realize their full potential across the life course."

Funding and Awards to the iSTAR5 project


Social Enterprise Award, 2014, Columbus Foundation/Salt Lake City School District


Governor's Office of Economic Development, Techonology, Commercialization, Innovation Program (TCIP)


Utah Autism Foundation


Tpping into Tech Talent in Students with Autism Spectum Disorder (ASD): Google Community Grant


iSTAR Program Implementation, Trimble/Boulder


Wright, C., iSTAR Program Implementation, University of Central Florida CARD


RocketHub: Developing Tech Talent in Students with ASD


McCarthey Family Foundation


University of Utah Interdisciplinary Research Program     


University of Utah Community-Based Research Program 


Tina and Mike Moerer       


Google (Boulder, CO)   


Utah Early Childhood Inter-institutional Consortium     


Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (U of U)


University of Utah Funding

Wright, C., Diener, M., Wright, S., & Dunn, L. An Unexpected Journey into the Lives of Families and Children with ASD. U of U Community Based Research Program (2012-13)


Wright, C., Diener, M., Wright, S., & Dunn, L. SketchUp: A Technology Tool to Facilitate Social Interactions with Children with ASD. Interdisciplinary Research Grant (2011-12)



Brett Burton
Troy D’Abromsio
Alex Drew
Mollie Cummins
Lou Dunn
Steve Gross
Beverly and Jim Wright
Paul Wright
Rita Gross
Sara Jeffreys
Bruce Wright
Tricia Stahr
Donald Wright
Waylon Spoden
Cheri Wright
Valoree Dowell
Denise Dimrock
Stephanie Kozick
Laura Linnell
Deborah Rafferty
Christopher Cronin
Tyler Miller
Omar Soubra
Phil Rader
Marisa Anderson
Peter Brownstein
Janie Ridd
Debbie N
Scott Lininger
Patricia Wright
Glenn Prestwich
Sandy Stark
Barbara Wilson
Claudia Miner
Lauren Clark
Jed Cohen
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